A single portable stand alone ventilation monitor with advanced physiologic and waveform analytics providing breath by breath clinical feedback irrespective of the mode of ventilation. With the VentRight Monitor every breath is optimized, from first patient contact by a paramedic until extubation in ICU settings. 


The VentRight monitor uses advanced ventilator waveform analytics to optimize the ventilation of critically ill patients. Both the rate of breaths and the size of breaths are of critical importance when caring for patients with respiratory failure. Inappropriate ventilation leads to increased morbidity and mortality, the development of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), as well as prolonged duration on ventilators, all of which are directly related to total duration of time in the ICU. Whether during manual ventilation with a bag-valve-mask or mechanical ventilator with a traditional ventilator, multiple studies have demonstrated a clear need for improved ventilation. This is even more difficult in pediatric patients, as the rates and sizes of optimal breaths changes throughout development. The VentRight monitor has been designed to identify off-target and inappropriate ventilation and provide immediate real time feedback to the provider; assisting the provider in optimal ventilation whether manual or mechanical. Recent advances in diagnsotic algorithms will allow the VentRight monitor to both diagnose ARDS sooner than physicians as well as provide immediate clinical support to protect patients from further injury once ARDS has been identified. This will revolutionize the field of mechanical ventilation, while becoming the first portable diagnostic device for mechanical ventilation.