Certus Critical Care, Inc. (3Ci) is using the power of robotics and artificial intelligence
to develop precision medicine solutions for severely ill and injured patients.

"Providing precision critical care, breath to breath and beat to beat."

 Technologies In Development


The VentRight platform provides continuous ventilation monitoring and real-time decision support from initial contact with a critically ill patient until ventilatory support is no longer required. 


Precision-Automated Critical Care Management (PACC-MAN) represents a “critical care internet of things (IoT)” where multiple interconnected devices work together to provide optimized care for each individual patient. PACC-MAN’s automation improves value by decreasing costs and improving clinically relevant outcomes.


EVAC dynamically controlls the inflation and deflation of an endovascular balloon catheter in the patient’s aorta to ensure blood pressure to the heart, lungs, and brain are precisely regulated and sustained within normal physiologic ranges, even in instances where conventional mechanisms are failing.